Big Questions in Australia-Indonesia Relations

Big Questions in Australia-Indonesia Relations

The Australian-Indonesian free trade agreement is set to be big business. With a finalised report not expected until October at the latest, the details...
Improving US-Indonesia Relations

Improving US-Indonesia Relations

The Donald J. Trump administration has pursued a foreign policy toward Southeast Asia that has simultaneously courted and alienated countries in the region. The...

Najib, Malaysia’s Next Steps in Fighting Corruption, and Lessons for Indonesia

Last week, the Malaysian government arrested former prime minister Najib Tun Razak on charges of corruption and criminal breaches of trust, in allegations related...

Could seaweed solve Indonesia’s plastic crisis?

(Originally published in The Guardian) Indonesia produces more marine plastic pollution than any other country except China. It is the world’s biggest archipelago also its...

Democratic Transitions and the Might of the State

It has been almost two months since the 14th general elections that saw a change of government in Malaysia. The Pakatan Harapan coalition swept...

Indonesia’s crackdown on LBGT rights is fueling an HIV epidemic, Human Rights group warns

(Originally published in Time) A new report by Human Rights Watch has found that persecution against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in Indonesia -...

Indonesia local elections sound warning for Widodo

(Originally published in Nikkei Asian Review) Unofficial results from Indonesia’s regional elections hint at declining support for President Joko Widodo, raising the prospect that he...

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"Orang bijak tidak bimbang, orang bercinta-kasih tidak cemas dan seorang pemberani tidaklah merasa takut."...
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Jokowi Jujur Hanya Manfaatkan Ma’ruf?